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RichardBoyatzis - Professor, Organizational Behavior
H.R. Horvitz Professor of Family Business
Professor, Organizational Behavior
Distinguished University Professor, Case Western Reserve University

Peter B. Lewis Building 436
Office Hours: By Appointment Only

Using his well-established Intentional Change Theory (ICT) and complexity theory, Richard Boyatzis has continued to research how people and organizations engage in sustainable, desired change. The theory predicts how changes occur in different groups of human organizations, including team, community, country and global change. Ongoing research supporting this theory includes developing new and better measures of an individual’s emotional, social and cognitive intelligence as well as studies that demonstrate the relationship between these abilities and performance. the latest research includes fMRI studies to establish neuro-endocrine arousal of coaching to the Positive Emotional Attractor and resonant leadership.

PhD, Harvard University, 1973
MA, Harvard University, 1970
BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1968

Initially Appointed: 1987

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Current Research Agenda: How do People Change, Learn and Grow Throughout Their Lives and Careers?


Leadership; Leading Change from a Complexity Perspective; Emotional and Social Intelligence; Competency Development; Coaching

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