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RakeshNiraj - Associate Professor, Design & Innovation

Associate Professor, Design & Innovation

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Initially Appointed: 2009

In the digital age, marketers collect and use a lot of data to understand customer behavior and formulate appropriate strategies. Rakesh Niraj's research deals with both analytical and empirical modeling of marketing strategy in such areas like information sharing, price targeting and customer relationship management (CRM). His recent research has also examined the relative impact of network effects and quality on new product success in high-tech industries. One ongoing project examines the impact of peer effects in various aspects of behavior (like what brand, through what kind of channel, and whether in a store or remotely) in purchasing high-tech products like personal computers. His other ongoing projects deal with satisfaction, loyalty and profitability in online commerce environment and also in home buying. He is teaching courses on marketing management and marketing metrics at Weatherhead.

Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis, 2001
M.S.B.A., Washington University in St. Louis, 1998
M.B.A., Indian Institute of Management, 1991
B.A., University of Delhi, 1989

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Interests and Courses


Retailing and Distribution, Customer Relationship Management, Consumer Choice Models


Marketing Research, Communications Management in a Digital Marketplace, Marketing Management, Marketing Metrics

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Selected Publications


  • Mark, T. (Author Only), Bulla, J. (Author Only), Niraj, R. (Presenter & Author), Bulla, I. (Author Only) INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, "Modeling Customer Dynamics in a Multi-Channel Environment", INFORMS, Istanbul, Turkey. (2013).
  • Niraj, R. (Presenter & Author), Singh, J. 6th Great Lakes - NASMEI conference, "Revenue Impact of Positivity Ratio of User Generated Reviews", Great Lakes Institute of Management and North American Society for Marketing Education in India (NASMEI), Chennai, India. (2012).
  • Niraj, R. (Presenter & Author), Gallan, A. (Author Only), Shafer, M. (Author Only) Marketing Science Conference, "Leveraging Capabilities for New Product Development: How Emerging Firms Succeed in Biotech", INFORMS, Boston. (2012).
  • Niraj, R. (Presenter & Author), Siddarth, S. (Author Only) EMAC 2010 Conference, "How Well Do You Know Your Customers? Using Loyalty Card Data to Make Inferences about Purchasing Behavior", European Marketing Academy, Copenhagen, Denmark. (2010).
  • Niraj, R. (Presenter & Author), Martin, M. (Author Only), Merchant, K. (Author Only) Marketing Science Conference, "Understanding Homebuyer Satisfaction: Before and After the Crash", INFORMS, Cologne, Germany. (2010).
  • Niraj, R., Jaiswal, A. AMA Summer Educator's Conference, "Examining Nonlinearity in Satisfaction-Loyalty-Behavioal Intentions Relationships", American Marketing Association, San Diego, CA. (2008).
  • Niraj, R., Janakiraman, R. INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, "The Effects of Social Contagion on Brand Loyalty: Evidence from a Consumer Durable Market", University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada. (2008).
  • Niraj, R., Janakiraman, R. EMAC 2008 Conference, "The Impact of Social Contagion on what to buy, how to buy and whom to buy from: Evidence from High-Tech durable goods market", University of Brighton, Brighton, England. (2008).

Academic and Professional Activities

  • Committee Member, Faculty Senate Committee on Undergraduate Education, 2012 - Present
  • Leading the efforts to improve undergraduate program, Undergraduate program affairs, 2011 - 2012
  • Editorial Review Board Member, Journal of Marketing, Chicago, IL, 2007 - 2008
  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Journal of Marketing, 2001 - Present


  • Outstanding Article Award - Winner, Journal of Business to Business Marketing. (2013).
  • 2011 Best Paper Award - Honorable Mention, Decision Sciences Institute. (2011).
  • Highly Commended Paper Award - Customer Profitability Implications of Customer Satisfaction Programs, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing. (2009).
  • Recognition as Professor of Excellence, Delta Sigma Pi - University of Southern California. (2009).
  • MSI / H. Paul Root Award for Best Paper in advancement of Marketing Practiced, Published by the Journal of Marketing in 2001, AMA - Journal of Marketing. (2002).
  • Institute Fellowship, Indian Institute of Management. (1990).

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