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DanielSolow - Professor, Operations
Professor, Operations

Peter B. Lewis Building 322
Office Hours: Spring 2015: On Sabbatical

Daniel Solow pursues several streams of research. The first area is “complex systems”, which are systems made up of a number of factors that interact in complex ways. He’s developed mathematical models that provide insight on how much interaction among employees and managers is good for performance and the role and value of leadership. Related research identifies when, how and how much central control benefits a complex system. Solow's second research area involves developing computer programs for solving decision problems in business, engineering, economics, mathematics and computer science. And his third focus is in developing systematic teaching methods to help college and graduate students learn advanced mathematics.

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PhD, Stanford University, 1978
MS, University of California at Berkeley, 1972
BS, Carnegie-Mellon University, 1970

Initially Appointed: 1978

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Solow uses mathematical models, analysis and computer simulations to study how properties emerge in complex adaptive systems, with applications to teams and leadership in organizations. He also does basic research with linear, combinatorial and nonlinear optimization.


Solow teaches the use of quantitative methods such as statistics and modeling for use in decision making to Weatherhead's MBA, master's and PhD students.

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