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CorinneCoen - Assistant Professor, Organizational Behavior

Assistant Professor, Organizational Behavior

(216) 368-3034

Initially Appointed: 2009

Ph.D., University of Michigan Business School, 2001
M.B.A., University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, 1987
B.A., University of Michigan, School of Literature, Science & Arts, 1981

Interests and Courses


Professor Coen thinks about why people cooperate in teams and how managers can get them to cooperate more often. She investigates cooperative dynamics within teams, between teams, and how to design teams to elicit productive interdependence.


Organizational Behavior, Teamwork, Research Methods, Complex Systems

Recent Courses and Syllabi

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Selected Publications


  • , O. A. (Presenter & Author), Coen, C. A. (Author Only) Capitalism in Question, "Place Attachment: Capturing Causes of Individual Pro-environmental Behaviors in the Workplace", Academy of Managment, Orlando, FL. (2013).
  • Coen, C. A. (Presenter & Author) The 26th Annual Conference of IACM, "Aspiration in the Single Team vs. Multiple Team Social Dilemma", International Association for Conflict Managment, Tacoma, WA. (2013).
  • Coen, C. A. (Presenter & Author) ESSA 2012 – 8th Conference, "How Competition Mitigates the Social Dilemma", European Social Simulation Association, Salzburg, Austria. (2012).
  • Coen, C. A. (Presenter & Author) 2012 INGRoup conference, "Reinforcing cooperation: Decision processes in the intergroup vs. single group prisoner’s dilemma", INGRoup, Chicago, IL. (2012).
  • Coen, C. A. (Presenter & Author) West Meets East, the 2011 Academy of Management Conference, "Beyond Aggregation of Variables: Complex Systems Approach to Process in Group-Level Models", Academy of Management, San Antonio, TX. (2011).

Academic and Professional Activities

  • Non-tenured faculty observor, Appointments and Promotions Committee, 2013 - 2014
  • Editor, Associate Editor, Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory, New York, NY, 2006 - Present
  • Panelist, National Science Foundation, Human and Social Dynamics, 2004


  • Outstanding Leadership and Contribution Award, Academy of Management. (2008).
  • Positive Influence on Students Graduating in 2003, SUNY at Buffallo. (2005).
  • Professional Development Award, United University Professors. (2005).

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