Youth Community Programs

The Youth Community Programs at the Weatherhead School of Management are designed to build the capacity of youth-serving organizations.

Treu-Mart Youth Development Fellowship Program

The Treu-Mart Youth Development Fellowship Program is a capacity-building initiative that strengthens the youth-serving community's ability to support the healthy development of youth. The Fellowship works in partnership with youth work professionals and their agencies to create positive social networks that empower youth to be resilient, positive, active and contributing members of the community.

The content of the Fellowship is a marriage of resiliency, youth development, and program design with Intentional Change Theory, providing a research-based approach to growth and change for individuals and organizations.

Cuyahoga County Youth Work Institute

The Cuyahoga County Youth Work Institute (CCYWI) provides professional development programming for the diverse youth serving work force. We utilize a theory into practice approach that is based on research, evidence based and evidence informed models, and best and promising practices. We encourage CCYWI participants to develop networks with one another to share and develop successful practices and to support the work of others in the field.