Scott N. Taylor, Ph.D.

Scott is a certified executive coach for the development of social and emotional competence. He has significant background in helping with leadership effectiveness and sustainable change.

Scott has over ten years of experience as an executive coach and organization and leadership development consultant. He has worked domestically and internationally with over thirty companies in a variety of industries. A few of his past clients worked for Alcoa, Boston Globe, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Coca-Cola, KeyCorp, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Pemex Gas y Petroquímica Básica, Roadway Express, and Sherwin Williams. The focus of his coaching and consulting work has been on leadership assessment and development, organization development, change management, team visioning, organizational communication, and performance management.

Scott Taylor is also an assistant professor of organizational behavior in department of organizational studies at the Anderson School of Management at the University of New Mexico. The primary focus of his research is leader assessment and development. He is fascinated with the various methods organizations use to assess and develop their leaders, evaluating the effectiveness of these methods, and developing new methods and technologies to improve leader assessment and development. As a result, his research has focused on competency development (especially emotional and social competence), leader self-awareness, multi-source feedback assessment, executive coaching, and sustainable individual change. He has published scholarly research and practitioner articles which cover topics such as leadership development, sustainable individual change, 360-degree assessment, management education, and executive coaching. In addition, he has been an instructor and facilitator of leadership development, employee training, and organizational behavior courses to executive, graduate, and undergraduate students.

Prior to pursuing an academic career, Scott was a manager at Ernst & Young, LLP in its management consulting practice, and later he was a manager of organization effectiveness with Sabre Inc. Scott is fluent in Spanish and spent ten years working with individuals and organizations from Spain, Mexico, and Central and South America. Prior to joining the University of New Mexico Scott was an assistant professor in the school of management at Boston University.

Coaching Specialties

Scott’s executive coaching work primarily focuses helping his clients develop emotional and social competence (ESC) in the workplace and in life. As a result, his coaching has focused on helping others develop key leadership competencies such as conflict management, empathy influence, optimism self-confidence, self-awareness self-control, and teamwork. He has worked with over 200 managers and executive toward their ESC development. In addition, Scott coaches others on creating developmental networks, setting and achieving personal and professional goals, and creating sustainable behavior change.

Professional Affiliations / Certifications


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