Fall 2014

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Spring 2014

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Fall 2013

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Spring 2013

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Fall 2012

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Spring 2012

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Fall 2011

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Spring 2011

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Fall 2010

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Spring 2010

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Fall 2009

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Spring 2009

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Fall 2008

Academic seminars for the Fall 2008 semester will be held from 10:30am - noon.

Date Presenter Paper Title Room
Sept. 19 Peter Ritchken   120 PBL
Sept. 26 Lu Zhang (University of Michigan)   120 PBL
Oct. 3 Christa Bouwman   120 PBL
Nov. 7 Leonardo Madureira   120 PBL
Nov. 14 Laura Lindsey (Arizona State)   120 PBL
Nov. 21 Michael Roberts (Wharton)   120 PBL


Spring 2008

Date Presenter Paper Title Room
Mar. 7 Claudia Moise   318 PBL
Mar. 14 SPRING BREAK    
Mar.21 Jeffrey A. Busse (Emory) Mutual Fund Industry Selection and Persistence 218 PBL
Mar. 28 Michelle Lowry (Penn State) Conflicts of Interest Within Investment Banks: Analysts and Proprietary Traders 218 PBL
Apr. 4 Utpal Bhattacharya (Indiana) When No Law is Better Than a Good Law 218 PBL
Apr. 11 Yong Kim (Key Bank) A Structural Model of Subprime Mortgages Based on Housing Market Risk 218 PBL
Apr. 17 Manju Puri (Duke) Managerial Attitudes and Corporate Actions 105 PBL
Apr. 25 Claudia Moise   218PBL


Fall 2007

Date Presenter Paper Title Room
Sept. 7 Hersh Shefrin (Santa Clara) Risk and Return in Behavioral SDF-Based Asset Pricing Models 03 PBL
Oct. 5 Kewei Hou (Ohio State) Resurrecting the Size Effect: Firm Size, Profitability Shocks, and Expected Stock Returns 501 PBL
Oct. 12 Xinlei (Shelley) Zhao (Kent State) Technological Innovation and Acquisitions 03 PBL
Oct. 19 FMA (No Seminar)   03 PBL
Oct. 26 Leonardo Madureira Geography and Equity Market Making 418 PBL
Nov. 2 Antje Berndt (CMU) Default Risk Premia and Asset Returns 03 PBL
Nov. 9 Anurag Gupta Liquidity Effects in Interest Rate Options Markets: Premium or Discount? 318 PBL
Nov. 16 Paolo Fulgheiri (UNC) Size and Focus of a Venture Capitalist's Portfolio 03 PBL
Nov. 30      


Spring 2007

Date Presenter Paper Title Room
Jan. 26 Shelly Zhao (Kent State University) Return Decomposition 318 PBL
Feb. 9 Peter Ritchken   105 PBL
Feb. 16 J.B. Silvers   105 PBL
Feb. 23 Isil Erel (Ohio State) Do U.S. Firms Have the Best Corporate Governance?  A Cross-Country Examination of the Relation Between Corporate Governance and Sharholder Wealth 04 PBL
Mar. 2 Mitchell Petersen (Northwestern) Estimating Standard Errors in Finance Panel Data Sets:  Comparing Approaches 04 PBL
Mar. 16 SPRING BREAK    
Mar. 23 C.N.V. Krishnan   105 PBL
Mar. 30 Ajai Singh   105 PBL
Apr. 13 Hank Bessembinder (Utah) Why Designate Market Makers?  Affirmative Obligations and Market Quality 318 PBL
Apr. 20 Gunter Strobl (UNC)  

318 PBL

Apr. 27 Leonardo Madureira   318 PBL


Fall 2006

Date Presenter Paper Title Room
Sept. 15 Claudia Moise Market Volatility, Market Frictions, and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns 318 PBL
Oct. 6 Allen Poteshman (Un. of Ill.) Does Option Trading Have a Pervasive Impact on Underlying Stock Prices? 105 PBL
Oct. 20 Anurag Gupta Liquidity in the Pricing of Syndicated Loans 318 PBL
Oct. 27 Kent Womack (Dartmouth College) Changes in Analysts Coverage and Future Returns: Does the Market Overreact? 105 PBL
Nov. 3 Peter Ritchken   318 PBL
Nov. 10 Christa Bouwman   318 PBL
Nov. 17 Claudia Moise   318 PBL
Dec. 1 Linus Wilson (U. of Cincinnati) Managerial Ownership with Resnt Seeking Employees 105 PBL


Spring 2006

Date Presenter Paper Title Room
Feb. 3 Ronald Anderson (American U.) Paying the CEO: The Integrity Reputation Premium 124 PBL
Feb. 7 Satadru Hore (U. Chicago) Filtering Macroeconomic Variables from a Non-Linear Term Structure Model 124 PBL
Feb. 10 Hai Huang (Duke U.) Endowment and Entrepreneurial Holding of Private Equity 124 PBL
Feb. 16 Jing Chen (Columbia U.) Pervasive Liquidity Risk and Asset Pricing 124 PBL
Feb. 21 Claudia E. Moise (U. Chicago) Volatility and Cross-Sectional Returns 124 PBL
Feb. 24 Ralitsa Petkova (Case-BAFI) The Expected Value Premium 124 PBL
Mar. 3 S. Viswanathan (Duke U.) Stock Market Decline and Liquidity

124 PBL

Mar. 17 SPRING BREAK    
April 7 Leonardo Madureira (Case-BAFI) Information, Sell-Side Research, and Market Making 124 PBL
April 14 Rudi Fahlenbrach (Ohio State) Does Information Drive Trading in Option Strategies? 124 PBL
April 21 Peter Ritchken (Case-BAFI)   124 PBL


Fall 2005

Date Presenter Paper Title Room
Sept. 9 Christa Bouwman Bank Capital and Liquidity Creation  
Sept. 23 Fan Yu (UC Irvine) Risk and Return in Fixed Income Arbitrage: Nickels in Front of a Steamroller?  
Oct. 21 Anurag Gupta What Drives Liquidity in the Syndicated Loan Secondary Market  
Oct. 28

Peter Christoffersen (McGill Univ.)

An Empirical Comparison of Affine and Non-Affine Models for Equity Index Options  
Nov. 4 Duane Seppi (Carnegie Mellon Univ.) The 'Ostrich Effect':  Selective Attention to Information About Investments  
Nov. 11 Allen Berger (Federal Reserve Board) Bank Ownership and Efficiency in China:  What Will Happen in the World's Largest Nation?  


Spring 2005

Date Presenter Paper Title Room
Jan. 25 Patrick J. Kelly (Ariz. State U.) Information Efficiency and Firm-Specific Return Variation 121 PBL
Jan. 28 Li Gu (Columbia U.) Asymmetric Risk Loadings in the Cross Section of Stock Returns 121 PBL
Jan. 31 Ralph A. Walkling (Ohio State) Anticipation, Acquisitions and Bidder Returns 124 PBL
Feb. 2 Leonardo Madureira (Wharton) Conflicts of Interest, Regulations, and Stock Recommendations 120 PBL
Feb. 9 Stephen Dimmock (Illinois) Loss-Aversion and Household Portfolio Choice 218 PBL
Feb. 14 Tracy Yue Wang (Maryland)

Corporate Securities Fraud: An Economic Analysis

Investment, Shareholder Monitoring & the Economics of Corporate Securities Fraud

124 PBL
Feb. 16 Christa H.S. Bouwman (Michigan) The Governance of Banks:  How Do Bank Capital and Monitoring Impact Post-acquisition Risk Taking and Performance? 124 PBL


Fall 2004

Date Presenter Paper Title Room
Sept. 10 Peter Ritchken (Case Western Reserve University) Jump Starting GARCH: Pricing and Hedging Options with Jumps in Returns and Volatilities 03 PBL
Sept. 17

O. Emre Ergungor (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland)

  318 PBL
Sept. 24 Jeffrey H. Harris (University of Delaware) Why are IPO Investors Net Buyers Through Lead Underwriters? 318 PBL
Oct. 1 Gregory Duffee (UC, Berkely) Term Structure Estimation Without Using Latent Factors 318 PBL

Oct. 15

S. P. Kothari
Stock Returns, Aggregate Earnings Surprises, and Behavioral Finance 05 PBL
Oct. 20 Steven Ongena (Tilburg) The Impact of Competition on Bank Orientation and Specialization 318 PBL
Nov. 5

Murat Binay (Case Western Reserve University)

How Important is Relationship for Underwriters and Institutional Investors? 318 PBL
Nov. 12 Anurag Gupta (Case Western Reserve University)   318 PBL