MSM-OR/SCM Student Experience

Weatherhead’s Master of Science in Management-Operations Research and Supply Chain Management (MSM-OR/SCM) students benefit from the one-on-one interaction with academic pioneers and industry leaders. Our faculty excel in teaching as well as research, and the opportunity to share their insights and excitement in the most up-to-date and creative areas of management studies is one that Weatherhead students prize.

In the classroom, students experience simulation learning such as a logistics exercise known simply as “The Beer Game.” Popular among students, this exercise is a theory constraints problem that teaches students how to get through a bottleneck—no pun intended—in production, and illustrates a basic production line snag. Take a given product that goes through four different processes during manufacture, and imagine that each process takes a different amount of time. One process finishes 30 units a day, another, 22 units a day, still another, 40 units a day. How do you prevent units from piling up behind the slowest stage in the process?

Operations professor Daniel Solow, PhD, uses beer as the sample product when his classes conduct this experiment. Unfortunately, however, none is consumed in the process!

Internship Culture

Many Weatherhead students draft their career plan before they arrive to campus and begin applying for internships their first semester in the program, and the MSM-OR/SCM student is no exception. They also access the Weatherhead Career Management Office’s career resources, participate in career fairs, attend employer information sessions on and off-campus, and take advantage of their personal networks as well as professional gatherings throughout the city of Cleveland. Read more about career management and how students connect with internships.

GBSA and Student Clubs

The active Graduate Business Student Association (GBSA) along with Student Clubs provide opportunities for professional development, local community service activities, engagement with employers and social gatherings such as cultural dinners, happy hours and wine tastings with sommeliers.

Incoming students can run for a GBSA leadership position or join, revive or start a new student club with the assistance of the Weatherhead Student Experience Office. Here's a list of the student clubs:


The diversity of our student body enriches the Weatherhead experience with different perspectives. In addition to Dynamic Weatherhead Women in Business and the Multicultural Business Student Association, student groups that support diversity include local chapters of the National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA) and the National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA).

Around the Neighborhood

Weatherhead is nestled in the heart of Cleveland and its arts and cultural district—University Circle. University Circle boasts 15 museums and cultural institutions like the world-famous Cleveland Orchestra and Cleveland Museum of Art, four medical centers including the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals, 10 religious organizations, more than 30 restaurants, and a total of eight education centers.

Weatherhead is also within walking distance of the city’s “new downtown” called Uptown, which includes a specialty market, a local ice cream shop, pubs, the campus bookstore, the city’s new Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) and casual to fine dining restaurant options.

Access the following websites to learn more about Cleveland: