Part-Time MBA

The Weatherhead part-time MBA offers students the academic quality and faculty of the full-time MBA, but has been specifically modified to meet the needs and time constraints of students who are employed.

Our program provides instant ROI for your company—practical applications and networking between academic colleagues can enable students to deliver cost savings and revenue-generating solutions to their companies. As the premier nationally-ranked part-time MBA program in the Greater Cleveland area, we promote interaction between our students to provide for a collegial experience that incorporates the knowledge and skills of all candidates in the program.

Is This Program Right for Me?

The part-time MBA program is carefully structured for maximum impact in a course of study designed for busy, ambitious professionals. Offering the same challenging graduate education as the full-time program, our part-time MBA is a cohort-based program specially designed to accommodate working people. Students begin the program in the summer semester with Weatherhead’s Leadership Assessment and Development course—often referred to simply as LEAD. During the course, students are placed in teams deliberately set up to include a diversity of learning styles, and they move through the three-year part-time MBA curriculum with the same group of peers.

With its cohort-based format, the part-time MBA program allows participants to develop together as students, but also as colleagues, outside of the demands of the program. It mirrors real-life experiences in a more formal setting, and encourages a strong network and lasting friendships. Learn more about our part-time MBA curriculum.

Design Practices and Sustainable Value

Today’s business climate is moving with the times in a socially- and environmentally-conscious direction. Companies are actively seeking solutions for combining profitability with world betterment. They’re also looking for people who think beyond the default response, combining the right-brained tools of a designer with a solid command of business principles. If you’re interested in studying sustainability and design in management, consider the Weatherhead part-time MBA.