Global MBA Curriculum

The Global MBA curriculum will be integrated across the three campuses for a seamless experience, covering core MBA skills and knowledge while drawing upon each partner school’s areas of international renown. The curriculum is organized into five themes.

Language of Management

Students must understand the way business communicates through financial and management accounts. This theme explores the fundamentals of accounting and finance and includes mastery of concepts in finance relating to valuation and risk management.

Management Analytics

Modern managers use analytical skills across various functional disciplines to solve issues of project management, appraisal, market analysis, and strategy. These analytical skills include basic statistical analysis, econometric modeling, and forecasting. This theme also includes operations management techniques (such as linear programming), simulation, and behavioral analysis including change management.

Strategic Thinking

Students will develop critical and strategic thinking skills and master core conceptual material relating to markets, competitive positioning, and strategy. They will explore sustainable value, entrepreneurship, and business planning and associated managerial challenges. Functional disciplines such as economics, marketing, and psychology, as well as core strategic management approaches are also covered in this thematic area.

Managing Teams and Leadership

Students will learn about the management of high-performing, internationally diverse teams. They will strengthen their capacity for effective leadership, entrepreneurship, and change management and learn about international human resource management issues.

Global Environment

This theme provides a thorough exposure to the social, legal, and economic environment of the three partner schools. Through interaction and dialogue with executives, students will learn of the challenges facing today’s global firms and discover the importance of integrated thinking to address these challenges. Project work immerses student teams in corporate sites, and students learn by doing as they address significant business problems.

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