Executive MBA Curriculum

Students attracted to the Weatherhead EMBA aspire to senior leadership roles within organizations. Our curriculum opens horizons, fusing that aspiration with Weatherhead’s expertise in turning good leaders into great ones. At every stage in the program, students build their knowledge of how business works while strengthening their personal leadership capacity.

Our esteemed faculty are among the world’s foremost business experts, and students will enjoy their support throughout their journey.

Executive Coaching Component

Weatherhead’s EMBA emphasizes a unique, personalized approach to learning, with a focus on self-awareness as the key to becoming an effective leader. Each candidate is assigned an executive coach who helps him or her take full advantage of the academic experience while providing guidance as he or she develops as an individual and leader.

Application Project

Long a trademark of the Weatherhead EMBA program, the Application Project has been refreshed with a twist: It now integrates design practices in management education. Each student spends a semester exploring his or her organization for a “design opportunity”—an opportunity to create value by deploying resources and capabilities in new ways. Students assume leadership responsibility and, with the support of a team of peers in the program, execute a design project that generates a return for the organization.

By choosing a project that presents a significant revenue-generating or cost-saving opportunity, past students have found that the financial return on the Application Project exceeded the cost of EMBA tuition 85% of the time.

International Study Experience

During the summer semester, students travel abroad for a portion of the program during which faculty reinforce business fundamentals through a global lens. Weatherhead faculty and experienced professionals from institutions and organizations worldwide coordinate hands-on activities with global and local entities, as well as in an academic setting, in the region selected for that year’s study experience.

Students gain an introduction to the nature of global leadership and operations while improving their understanding of the role of culture in business and society. They return to their own organization with a renewed commitment to employ the knowledge, skills and holistic perspective developed during their experience abroad to benefit their colleagues at home.

Year One

Fall semester

Spring semester

Summer semester

Year Two

Fall semester

Spring semester

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