Design & Innovation Research

The Department of Design & Innovation is a center for learning about the ways in which information is generated and used in organizations. We believe that a broad, theoretical study of information that includes human, social and technical aspects will best enable people in organizations to achieve their operational and strategic missions. Design is a central theme of our work because it connotes the critical evaluation of existing practice, the creation of better alternatives and the changes needed to make new ideas a reality. Design issues of special importance to us include information systems that amplify human and organizational intelligence, that enable new forms of knowledge work and that expand the capability of teams.

Our faculty ask fundamental questions about how information shapes our social and economic environment. We care about the design and use of technology and about information as a uniquely human accomplishment. We believe that information systems are an essential driver in creating a better world, and we are committed to making that better world happen.

Our PhD program prepares you for a career in research and teaching, primarily in academic institutions. You will work with faculty from information systems, strategy, marketing and other areas of the school and university to tailor our program to your specific interests and previous study, and develop the skills to become a competent researcher in your area of specialization. We provide a hands-on education, broad exposure to technique, close association with industry and intensive workshops with senior faculty. We unite qualitative and quantitative approaches in order for you to derive better practice from theory and better theory from practice.

We approach innovation as a global phenomenon and believe that international collaboration is a necessity. Our faculty is international in origin, ranging from Canada and Finland to India and Korea.