PhD in Management – Accountancy

We are no longer accepting applications for Fall 2014. Please visit us again in the future to apply for the Fall 2016 semester.

The PhD in accountancy is structured, and a student’s study plan is developed, to support high-quality research and effective teaching based upon knowledge and skill levels appropriate to a student’s goals. Doctoral students work with faculty whose research investigates matters of importance to academics, practitioners and policy makers, in order to influence practice and standard-setting in both the private and public sectors.


The first two academic years are directed toward the study of the literature, methods and recent research appropriate to your identified interests. Summer periods are available for individual reading, development and writing along project lines to be determined by your chair and program committee. This two-year period is expected to provide the foundation for preparing well-developed research papers that exhibit knowledge and skill levels appropriate to your goals as you approach candidacy.

The third year will be devoted to writing focused individual papers which lead to a dissertation proposal, under the supervision of a study program committee. Based upon one of these high-quality research papers, a suitable dissertation proposal will be prepared by the end of the third year of study. This research and writing activity will not only help to determine the student’s dissertation topic, but will also be considered equivalent to field examinations. The series of papers leading up to the dissertation proposal, the proposal itself and an oral presentation to the student’s study program committee, will be taken into account as the committee determines whether to grant doctoral candidate status to the student.

The fourth year will focus upon completion of the dissertation. Throughout the program, the student will develop competencies related to classroom and teaching activities, as well.

Required Application Materials

Applicants should submit an online application to the School of Graduate Studies along with the following items:

You may send additional paperwork to:

Department Administrator
Accountancy Department
Case Western Reserve University
10900 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio USA 44106-7235

For additional information review the general bulletin.