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Videos from DM Alumni Week: Design, Complex Systems, Sustainability and a Variety of Practitioner-Scholar Presentations

June 18, 2010 ·

On April 9th and 10th the Weatherhead Doctor of Management program hosted an Alumni Weekend and videos of the presentations from that event are now available on the following YouTube channel:

Among the videos on this channel, Weatherhead's own Richard Buchanan leads a thought-provoking discussion about designing.  Dr. Buchanan is one of the thought leaders in the field of design, who has joined the Weathehead School of Management in an effort to lead the convergence of managerial and design perspectives in organizations and in society in general. (See "The Convergence of Management and Design" video: .)

In another presentation, award winning Case Medical School professor, David C. Aron, discusses a particular view of the world rooted in "complexity theory." He presents complexity theory in an altogether approachable manner and argues that this view is a useful way to think about issues relating to contemporary complex systems, such as the health care system. Dr. Aron addresses a variety of examples from health care, including AIDS and diabetes, as well as other fields. (See "systems Thinking, Complexity Theory and Management" video:

Roger Saillant is the recently-appointed director of  Weatherhead's Fowler Center for Sustainable Value, and has been referred to as the "LeBron James of Sustainability."  He leads a discussion on environmental sustainability, and indicates that while many contemporary sustainability commentators preach gloom and doom, the way toward progress involves positive thinking and empowered action. (See "Finding our Chon" video: .)

Other videos include presentations by DM students and recent graduates:

- Bernard Bailey (DM 2011), "Board Level Strategic Decision-Making: Process characteristics and Context"

- Ron Eastburn (DM 2011), "Post-Decision Surprise: How Bankers Manage the Unexpected"

- Amol Kharabe (DM 2011), "Enterprise Information Systems and organizational Agility"

- Will Oliver (DM 2010), "Impact of Microfinance on the Socioeconomic Status of the Poor"

- Kathleen Roche (DM 2011), "Managing the Mission Through Times of Adversity"

- Sridhar Seshadri (DM 2010),   "Developing Contextual Ambidexterity in Academic Medical Centers"

- Ann Kowal Smith (DM 2010), "Where and How of Exploration and Exploitation"

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