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Stan Sloane’s SRA Awarded $1.5 Billion Contract from Department of Defense

May 18, 2010 ·

Stan Sloane (DM 2003) became the president and CEO of SRA International, Inc., shortly after finishing the DM program.  Since then SRA has continued its leadership position in providing technologies and services that "solve complex problems" for a variety of clients across the globe, while making the list for ten consecutive years as one of Fortune magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For." Most recently SRA announced a multi-award contract to provide technology and consulting services for the U.S. Special Operations Command - a contract that has an estimated value of up to $1.5 billion over the next five years.

Dr. Sloane is an expert in a variety of complex issues.  In particular, he is an outspoken advocate of strengthening U.S. Cybersecurity measures (for a video interview on the topic, see: DefenseNews video).  Last year he penned a noteworthy opinion piece in BusinessWeek detailing challenges for the Obama administration's "Cybersecurity Czar" (see: BusinessWeek article). 

According to Dr. Sloane, the Weatherhead DM program helped sharpen the analytical skills that help him deal with complex problems.  He indicated that the program "made a fundamental change on my way of thinking - the applied research; the way you look at data; the way you analyze data is different.  Corporations often make decisions based on erroneous or inadequate or incomplete data. They do so because they don't have the depth of analytical thinking.  They give anecdotal data a cursory look and commit."

Dr. Stanton Sloane was an executive with Lockheed Martin Corporation before joining SRA. In addition to his Weatherhead DM degree, Dr. Sloane holds a bachelor's degree in Professional Studies (Aeronautics) from Barry University and a master's degree in Human Resources Management from Pepperdine University,

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