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May 28, 2014 ·

I was very excited when I got accepted into the DM program. I didn’t know what to expect when I first came to the DM program, my emotions went back and forth from angst to anticipation. Based on my conversations with previous students I only got positive feedback about the DM program which is true based on my experience over the last three years.

First I was amazed at the amount of intellectual capital and power the program provided me, in terms of the instructors and classroom content. I really enjoyed learning under such wonderful professors who are thought leaders in their respective field. In addition, I was pleased that every professor was able to disseminate the course content in a very academic and intellectual, yet practical way; that I was able to understand and apply on daily basis within my field of work.  Last every class was thought provoking and challenged the way I viewed issues pertaining to the course.

Second I really enjoy the time with my cohorts, each one brought a wealth of life experiences and intellect that has broaden my perspective from a world view. We have grown into a quasi family.  I always looked forward to the residencies to catch up with my classmates and discussing the trials and tribulations of the homework assignments.

Lastly, after three years I have come to realize that the DM experience does not end, but continues after long graduation considering the wealth of knowledge and relationships I’ve gain from the DM program.

Robert Watt
DM Class of 2014

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