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Kalle Lyytinen: Notable Academy of Management Acceptances

May 28, 2014 ·

Doctor of Management students submit proposals to the Academy of Management (AoM) conference every year by mid-January. This is expected from the 2nd and 3rd year DM students and increasingly from PhD students who work on their thesis in the 4th year. In March 2014 the results started to come in for the AoM 2014 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia and they are again pretty impressive. This year, our students submitted overall 28 manuscripts of which 16 were accepted resulting in the acceptance rate of 58%. This is well over the average acceptance rate which is in the range of 40-50% depending on the specific division. Notable this year was the excellent performance of the PhD cohort 3 which was close to 72 % acceptance rate despite the very short notice of submitting. Another point of pride is that three students Lori Kendall, Ted Ladd and  David Grogan were nominated for the best paper award and David Grogan was already awarded the best student paper award in his division.  An important observation is that our students get accepted across a wide range of divisions from the classic ones like Organization and Management Theory (OMT), Organization Development and Change (ODC) , or Organizational Communications and Information Systems (OCIS) to the more recent ones like Organizations and the Natural Environment (ONE).  Our students have also achieved several other awards this year. Sherry Sanger won the best theory paper award in the Academy of Marketing meeting in Summer 2013 and the best paper award in the Third International Conference on Engaged Management Scholarship in Atlanta in the Fall. I am proud of our contribution and thank all of the students and advisors for their hard work and effort to achieve these excellent results.

Kalle Lyytinen
DM Programs,
Director of Academic Affairs

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