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Dale Hartz: Riding the Research Roller Coaster

May 28, 2014 ·

My season pass to the DM Amusement Park is expiring in just a couple of weeks and soon I will have to leave the park.  I bought the three year season pass and I was fortunate enough to never miss a day.  All year long, every year, the rides were open and the fun never stopped!

The last day at the park is going to be an emotional time for me because I will be taking home so many amazing memories that I will carry with me the rest of my life.  I vividly remember the first day that I came to the park and feeling like I didn’t belong, but quickly realizing that this is absolutely the place where I was supposed to be.  I remember encountering so many amazing attractions and building life-long friendships.  I learned a new language during my days at the park.  I remember early on spending hours reading books and articles, and spending seemingly equal hours looking up the meaning of all of the new words I would see in the writings and hear from the amusement park employees.

The attractions at the DM park are like none other I’ve encountered in the past.  The roller coasters are especially awesome; high, fast, twisting and turning you upside down, it is just crazy!  I was fearless though, and I got in line and rode every single roller coaster, even the highest and fastest ones.  During each ride, I vividly recall experiencing a myriad of emotions:  There were times when I would wonder why did I get on this thing?  I’m going to be sick!  When is this going to stop?  Why can’t my friend go on this ride?  Wow, that was cool!!  The funny thing is and best of all, after each ride, I looked forward to doing it all over again.  I knew the wisdom I gained from doing it once would make it much cooler the second time around. 

I’m going to miss the park!  But I hear they have special reunions for old timers to come back and have some fun.  I know you can’t step in the same river twice, but I will look forward to coming to the reunions and checking out some of the old attractions and seeing what new attractions have been built for the kids!

Dale E. Hartz, DM Class of 2014
Adjunct Professor
Walsh University
North Canton, OH

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