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Aubrey Webson: Empowering the Blind through the Africa Forum

November 17, 2010 ·

More than 20 million people in Africa are blind or partially sighted and in need of assistance, yet they often have nowhere to turn. Dr. Aubrey Webson (DM 2002) is changing that. He is actively focusing on putting the institutions in place to address the needs of Africa and to empower individuals.


One way that Dr. Webson advocates for the blind in Africa is through IDP’s “Africa Forum” that he founded. The Africa Forum is the only continent-wide conference on blindness. It meets every-other year since 2003 and has been attracting 400-500 attendees. The next Africa Forum is scheduled to take place at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration on July 3-8, 2011.  (See:


Dr. Aubrey Webson has recently been appointed as the Director of Perkins International, where he is responsible for strategy and operations of the organization and its work with partners in 65 countries. He formerly held executive positions with Sight Savers International, Helen Keller International, and the Caribbean Council for the Blind.  He has also served as Adjunct Professor or guest lectured at Wheelock College, East Nazarene College, Boston University, Boston College, the University of South Africa, the University of Vender, and the Uganda College of Special Education.  In addition to the Doctorate of Management studies, Dr. Webson received bachelors and masters degrees in non-profit management (as well as a graduate certificate in organizational development) from the New School of Research in New York.  He has also studied criminal law and business management at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica.

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