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Donna Haeger: We Relied on Each Other: Journey through the Doctor of Management Program at Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management

May 03, 2013 ·

Year 1

Looking back to year one of my doctoral studies, I have changed in more ways than anticipated.  My goal was to earn a terminal degree in order to realize my dream of teaching in higher education and at the corporate level. My understanding of the changes I would go through was based on knowledge I would gain in my field.  I began the program with some angst relative to the level of rigor and my insecurities around “fear of the unknown” and perhaps a shaky confidence in my abilities. From that first day I boarded the van from the Intercontinental Hotel with two very different gentlemen who would become great friends until today, the transformation, fulfillment and emotion continues to fill me with awe.

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