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Baptism by Fire: Reflections of a DM Presenter at AoM

September 13, 2010 ·

"Your dependent variables make no sense," he said.  

"Excuse me?" I asked, pivoting to look at the older gentleman who challenged the model I had just drawn on a makeshift board. Knowing that I couldn't count on a whiteboard or a projector, I had hand-carried to Montreal large sheets from a Post-it Easel Pad, together with colored markers, so that I could draw my model as I described my work and bring it to life.  

"Your dependent variables are arbitrary.  They represent accounting concepts and aren't very good measures of performance."  He spoke with firmness and certainty, with the confidence of someone who had no doubt of the veracity of his perspective.

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Residency 2 - The Train Has Left the Station

September 11, 2010 ·

At the close of my second residency as a student in the Doctorate of Management program, just three weeks since the first, I barely see the person I was then. The train has left the station. Bon voyage, I say to myself!

So what is different? For one, my language is changing. Now, I can see what a theory looks like and understand its value. A simple statement perhaps yet now I know how to find them. They are gold.

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Thomas Garvey, DM Class of 2000, named Director at Baldwin-Wallace College

September 08, 2010 ·

A press release was sent out on September 3, 2010 regarding Tom Garvey's new position at Baldwin-Wallace College.  Tom is an alumnus of the DM Program, Class of 2000.  His research in the DM Program focused on issues around parental choice of elementary schools within the Cleveland Catholic Diocese and how those choices affect the financial policies of diocesan schools.

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