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Alumni Roster — Class of 2002

Agustin V. Arbulu, DM
Associate Professor
Devos Graduate School of Management
Northwood University
Midland, MI

Dissertation: Workforce Development in a Small Manufacturing Organization

Willaim W. Glover, DM
Management Consultant
Independent Contractor
Sarasota, FL

Dissertation: The Meaning of Decision and Choice to a Leader in a Nonprofit Organization

J. Bart Morrison, DM
Assistant Professor of Management
Department of Business Studies
Assumption College
Worcester, MA

Dissertation: Another Thrice-Told Tale: Strategy Formation, Accountability, and Competent Governance in a Nonprofit Organization

Sowmyan Raman, DM
Formerly: Manager, AOG/Maintenance Services
Boeing Commercial Group
The Boeing Company
Seattle, WA

Dissertation: Study of Direct Internet Selling by Airlines in the U.S. Air Travel Distribution Industry

Brigette A. Rapisarda Gulick, DM
Manager of Ship Board Training and Development
Royal Caribbean International
Miami, FL

Dissertation: The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Work Team Cohesiveness and Performance

Mary E. Reidy, DM
Principal Analyst
Transmission Strategy and Policy
National Grid
Syracuse, NY

Dissertation: Political Economy and Price Ratio Changes: Electric Industry Under Transition

Thomas D. Schramko, DM
Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship and Strategy
College of Business Administration
The University of Toledo
Toledo, OH

Dissertation: Understanding the Characteristics of an Effective Physician-Hospital Contractual Arrangement from a Dyadic Perspective

Robert T. Wheeler, DM
Assistant Professor
Department of Communications
California State University, Fullerton
Fullerton, CA

Dissertation: The Connected Celebrity and Nonprofit Advertising