Effectiveness of Institutional, Individual and Organizational Decision Making

3.00 credit hours

This course introduces students to research on individual judgment and decision making. Drawing insights from research in economics, political science, psychology, management, and sociology, behavioral decision making and judgment is the study of how-why-when people make decisions. Sessions introduce and explore the discipline. Along with a historical review of the literature, the general topics of emotion, experience, self control, and motivation are introduced. Behavioral finance is a topic specifically used as the lens through which individual, group, and firm decision making and judgment are analyzed. Designed to expose the student to a number of academic theories which may be incorporated into their second year paper, this course will also allow the student to experience a deeper dive into the particulars of academic literature including research design, literature reviews, discussion and dissemination, etc. This course will employ an integrated learning format. Lectures, group projects, written assignments, etc. will be used throughout this semester.

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